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Jeff Napier, Website consultant

Having built websites since 1995, and been a general programmer before that, I can help with all your website needs, whether you're momentarily stuck and need quick advice, want to learn WordPress basics or advanced concepts, or just want a website built from scratch.

For quick phone advice, I charge $1/minute, with no minimum. A typical session runs 9 minutes ($9). My smallest invoice was $3. There's no need being stuck and frustrated. Call me anytime at (805) 843-5353. I'm often immediately available. Otherwise, I'll call you back at the first opportunity.

A typical landing page website is $100. A five-page standard WordPress site is $600.

You'll find these prices are generally lower than overseas outsourcing. I charge more than the high school kid down the street, but since I get it done more quickly, it ends up costing you less. Sometimes way less!

And, I get it right the first time. No doubt you've heard the horror stories of web developers who overcharge, do what they want to do, instead of what you want, take forever, won't give you your own passwords, and sometimes can't even complete the job. So much for overseas outsourcing, right?

If you'd like to make sure your website is successful, I can help bring visitors, too. Sometimes lots of visitors. I can show you how to do it, or set it up for you.

My most successful client had a typical website that was getting 3 visitors a month, and one of those was her mother. After a conversation with me, she was getting over 14,000 visitors per day.

In a more typical case, with nothing more than a total of six hours in social media marketing, a new website received 375,000 targeted visitors in its first six months.

Now, your results may not be as spectacular as those, but you can expect some serious improvement.

Many of my clients like learning to manage their own websites, so they don't need to hire me for every little change, and because it can be a creative, enjoyable process. I am happy to offer training. I work by phone an a free screen sharing service at That works better than shoulder-to-shoulder meetings, and you can be anywhere in the world. (I'm in Morro Bay, California). Plus, you'll enjoy my friendly, informative style.

You can contact me at (805) 843-5353 no matter what. If I'm fully booked or can't fulfill your specific needs, I have assembled a group of SEO, WordPress, PHP, social marketing, Windows, networking, and other experts that can help. I'll hand you off to the right consultant.

These people are all US-based experts that like me, in their own specialties. Details at

Go Ahead and Call Me

(805) 843-5353

You'll enjoy my friendly, informative style.

What People Say

“I can’t thank you enough for all your help. You have made a huge difference.”

Fay Fahron,
Columnist, Entrepreneur

“Jeff has been a great resource. Jeff has provided help that is greatly appreciated.”

Chester Alan Godsy,
Founder – Web Earth Online

“You just qualified for sainthood. Just to let you know, I have seen a big increase in inquiries from my website.”

Ann Flaherty,
Private Detective

"I was fortunate enough to find Jeff at the perfect time. I had recently purchased a website working off of WordPress that needed a complete overhaul. Between the two of us, with Jeff taking on the technical aspect, the operation is shaping up very nice. Jeff is 100% professional at all times. I have another full time job, it would be impossible to keep things going without his help. I will keep Jeff on board for as long as I can get his help. I consider him part of the team. I 100% recommend Jeff Napier."

Ariane Rezvani,
Owner / Trainer
Silver Cup Training

“I’m an ebook author with an income now that never would have happened without your help!”

Amy Butler

“I have known Jeff Napier for 10 years, and during that time his assistance has always been better, and his ability to solve problems has been faster, than anyone else I’ve ever used.”

Dr. Stephen Truelove,

"Thanks so much for explaining it in detail for me. That’s exactly what I wanted, and thanks for doing it so quickly."


“Jeff is great to communicate with and utterly dependable. If he has ever surprised me it is by doing more – and/or doing it better – than promised. Honest, responsive, creative, skilled, ingenious and open…I recommend Jeff without reservation.”

Mika Feinberg,
President/Creative Director
CodeName: MANA, LLC

"That is so helpful thank you 1 million Jeff and I will keep you in my files for future jobs… You are very efficient and helpful. Much appreciated. All the best,


"Jeff has been helpful and went above-and-beyond to help me understand how to get the results I wanted.”

John McMahan,
Healthcare Information Systems Consultant

“As he is a good communicator who is always keen to help, I have no hesitation in saying that any project whether large or small, will benefit from his considerable experience and originality.”

Godfrey Gardner,
Reedmace Ltd. UK.

"First let me say the help you gave me Sat. was invaluable. The last two days I have had numerous projects that required resizing, compression, and conversion of files from TIFF and PNG to JPG. I would have been totally lost had it not been for your tutorial. THANK YOU!"


"Jeff has been a pleasure to work with over the past 3 weeks. From the first time we availed his services he has been very patient and diligent with excellent troubleshooting skills to meet a task. Given the momentous scope of the project we had given him to accomplish, in a very short period of time, we can clearly attest to the fact he went above and beyond our expectation to complete it. We will definitely hire him for any future projects."

Koushik Saha (Ph.D.)
California Polytechnic State University


A Few of My Own Sites, or to Which I Significantly Contributed

Phone Jeff

(805) 843-5353

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